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My Live Podcast With PornTalkCity On 8/10/15!

What's going on guys?! I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm back from vacation, and getting settled back in :) Our trip was a blast! We truly had a great and memorable time in Jamaica! Don't worry... You'll definitely be seeing some naughty footage, hehe ;) Ok, besides all of that, I wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be doing a Special *LIVE* Podcast Interview with Mr. E from PornTalkCity on Monday - 8/10/15 - At 3pm PST! So everyone go check out his website: www.porntalkcity.blogspot.com Once there, you can find all of the info for listening in on our conversation, get his social media links, and even hear previous sessions he's taped! Alright guys, I'll be checking back in with you soon! Don't forget to come say hi on my webcam if you can't wait to see me, hehe ;P

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